fruitfly problem in compost pile

I have a fruitfly problem in my compost pile. It’s been real warm and I noticed this happens when it gets moist and warm. Is there anything I can use that non toxic?

Compost piles are prime locations for fruitflies. They love the organic matter and when it’s both warm and moist enough, they will move in and start living quite comfortably and compost infestations are pretty normal. There are several options for treating the compost and since you want something non toxic for fruitflies, I would say the Diatomaceous Earth or Flying Insect Killer Aerosol would do the job. Both are organic and made with natural ingredients and won’t affect the compost in any way so you can still use it. The Diatomaceous Earth should stop the cycle quickly but it won’t last long. You may have to apply it once a week. The aerosol will only last a day or two but if you use it daily, you should be able to keep the adults down to a minimum and it won’t take much to get quick control. These and other products can be seen at NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL.

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