indoor fruit flies

I’ve been seeing these little flies for the past week that I’m thinking might be fruit flies. They have reddish colored eyes and seem to like my garbage disposal. They don’t bite but they sure are aggravating. What can I do to get rid of them?

Fruit flies seem to appear when it gets warm in the summer. They love many of the same summertime fruits and vegetables we all like to eat and once inside the home, can live in a lot of different locations. The first key is to remove anything organic they might find attractive. If you see them hanging around the garbage disposal, that’s probably because there is some kind of food buildup which they’re smelling. Give it a good cleaning and be sure to watch other areas around the home like trash cans, fruit bowls and house plants.

If you read our on line article about FRUIT FLY CONTROL, you’ll learn they can breed rapidly and once inside, can be ever persistent. That being said, a good treatment with some GENTROL AEROSOL will do a great job at breaking their life cycle. Be sure to get all the local landing areas where you’ve been seeing them. Next, set out some FRUIT FLY TRAPS to help remove new ones that come home with groceries. They commonly hitch a ride home with people from local produce stands and the traps do a good job of removing these unwanted visitors before they’re able to lay eggs and start a new cycle.

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