get rid of fruitflys

I’d like to get rid of fruitflys once and for all. I seem to get them every year and I’m wondering if there is anything I can do before I get them to prevent the annual infestation?

Fruitflys are a seasonal pest that will be seen mostly when it’s warm. Brought home with most any kind of produce, they are persistent once established in any building. One of the most effective ways to stop them getting out of control is to treat ahead of time with some Gentrol Aerosol. This is a growth regulator which prevents the eggs from maturing properly which means any you bring home won’t be able to establish a complete breeding cycle. This is key if don’t want to get the infestations it sounds like you’re used to having. More information resides in our Fruitfly Control article with some other treatment options¬† but if you’re wanting to do something now, before you have a problem, the Gentrol would be your best option.

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