fruit flies on my bananas

I’ve been finding fruit flies on my bananas and I’m not sure if they’re coming home this way from the grocer or if I already have them at the house. I can’t treat the bananas and I”m getting tired of the problem; is there anything I can do to stop this infestation?

It could be a combination of fruit flies coming home with the bananas as well as some that are already living at your house. I suggest you treat with some Gentrol as explained in our Fruitfly Control article. Next, set out some Fruitfly Traps but do this when there are no bananas in the house. Don’t get any new bananas from the grocer for at least a week. If you see some fruit flies coming around the traps, you know the problem is somewhere in the house. If you treat good, a combination of the Gentrol and the traps should resolve the infestation. If you don’t see any around the traps after a week, get fresh bananas and be sure to wash them good as explained in our article. If you are able to wash the bananas clean, you should be able to minimize the eggs and pupae you’re bringing home which in turn should keep the adults around the house minimal.

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