The fruitfly is one of the most common pests found in and around the home.

Fruitflies get their name because they tend to fly around sweet food like fruit. Although fruitflies will thrive on just about anything organic, fruitflies have become a major pest in the home due to the increase of vegetable and fruit consumption. People are eating more vegetables and fruit and with this consumption comes the increase of fruitflies.

Fruitfly eggs are carried home on produce when purchased at the grocery. Fruitfly eggs are already laid on the fruit or fruitfly adults simply hitch a ride on the foodstuff and emerge when unpacked. Developing fruitfly pupa are hard to see and typically go unnoticed. Within a few days of being brought

Once in your kitchen, fruitflies will find a ready supply of food and attempt to establish themselves. Fruitflies love garbage disposals, garbage cans and fruit bowls. Washing produce will help to remove fruitfly eggs and pupae but it’s hard to get 100% removed. Once they hatch, fruit flies will hover over the sink, garbage or fruit bowls searching for anything sweet to eat and lay eggs. They multiply quickly and will nest in several areas if there is a food supply to feed their larva. Fruitflies are small, about 1/8 of an inch, and have bright red to orange eyes which distinguishes a fruitfly from other species. Fruitfly eggs will hatch in less than two days and young will eat and pupate in under 8 days. Although infestations do not get huge, fruitflies will be persistent and aggravating if left unattended. The following video shows a closeup of two fruitflies where you can see their large red eyes.


The best way to get fruitfly control is to first locate their food supply. If you eliminate what they are feeding and breeding on, fruitfly control will be quicker and more complete. Once you remove their main food sources, the following treatment options will kill off all remaining stages and within a few days, the problem will be mostly gone. And if done correctly, within 14 days you won’t be seeing anymore


For most people, killing the fruit flies that are flying around with a space spray seems like the best thing to do. Space sprays are products that can be applied to the air and are safe for kitchens and other open areas where fruit flies like to hang around.

A fast acting spray spray is PT-565. It uses pyrethrin as the active ingredient and is both fast acting with very little having to be applied for quick results.

To treat a room, you’ll need to point the can toward the middle of the room and release 5-10 seconds of spray. Leave the room for 30 minutes and treat 3 times a day. Once in the morning, once before 6:00 PM and once before retiring for the evening. Be sure to treat all kitches, great rooms, bathrooms and any other room with activity.




2) Since space sprays only kill adults, fruit flies will quickly replace the ones you’ve killed if you don’t break their life cycle. One of the more effective products for doing this is the use of growth hormone like GENTROL AEROSOL. Odorless and easy to apply, Gentrol will break the cycle by preventing the eggs from developing into reproducing adults. It’s good to use when the exact breeding location is unknown but the population keeps rebounding and you have an idea where it might be centered. Keep in mind the Gentrol is not an adulticide. That means it will not kill the adults you see; it only affects the young. So if you’re seeing a lot of adults, you should get both the Gentrol (for long term control) and one of the space sprays mentioned under section 1).

3) Additionally, fruit flies can be caught with traps like the NATURAL CATCH FRUIT FLY TRAPS or FRUIT FLY GLASS TRAPS. Both can help keep down adult populations throughout the warm season without having to rely on the space sprays nearly as much. And since fruit flies tend to be active around food, the traps make it easy to treat these sensitive areas since you can set them right out in the open with no safety concerns or preparation like you must do every time you want to spray.

4) If you have a sink or drain system that is prone to having organic matter like food or grease build up, you’ll need to pour some SURVIVORS down the drain a regular basis. It will eat away the organic matter the fruit flies need for reproduction. And spraying some GENTROL AEROSOL down the drain can really help as well.

This video shows how easy it is to treat for fruitflies in the home using some of the products mentioned above.

Fruitflies can be a persistent pest in the home. Though most common in the summer, they can persist throughout the winter if they find a location in the home on which to breed and nest. Treat with the Gentrol for long term control and keep some of the Fruitfly Traps out when adults are active. Use one of the space sprays to knock out persistent adults and you’ll be able to keep them under control.